Austin Motorcycle Personal Injury Lawyer. Take a moment to imagine that you’re enjoying your usual motorcycle drive through your favorite area. Before you know it, however, you find yourself coming off of the vehicle itself and suddenly spinning on the concrete while, at the same time, your motorcycle is on its side and getting further away from you. You then see someone exiting another vehicle close to you and you realize that you’ve just been in an accident. Even worse is the fact that you realize you aren’t able to move one of your legs due to it being broken as a result of the impact. Even though you may have insurance in terms of your motorcycle, chances are you may not have yet reached your deductible in regards to your health insurance.

Thankfully, there are all kinds of different (and legal) ways to increase the claim on this kind of an accident, all of which can greatly help you out in the long run. Here are three of the best ways to increase your claim as the result of a motorcycle accident.

  • First, be sure to take plenty of photos. This will help you to present a great deal of evidence to the very best of your ability, especially if you will be able to prove that the other driver was the one who caused the accident. Additionally, photos can also show the overall scope of the accident and prove the need for hospital bills due to the accident, or even your overall financial loss due to the destruction of your motorcycle itself. Keep in mind that the more photos that you take and evidence that you present, the better your chances of winning a case will be.
  • Next is making sure that you don’t limit yourself when it comes to filing a claim. Oftentimes, many people assume that they will only be able to receive compensation for a single type of damage. The truth, however, is that there are all kinds of possible claims for damages that can be made, whether they be for property loss or injuries. Chances are that you may not even be aware of the full scale of claims that you will be able to make in order to regain additional finances following an accident.
  • Austin Motorcycle Personal Injury Lawyer. Finally, there’s taking down the names of any and all witnesses, as well as recording their personal information. This is something that should be done immediately following an accident; however, you should only do this if you are physically able to. This will help to determine if there were any witnesses who can detail not only how the accident occurred, but also who was at fault for it as well. This is something that can be incredibly helpful for both a jury case and the insurance company in the event that there ends up being a debate regarding which driver was at fault. Additionally, if a police report was filed, be sure to obtain a copy of this as soon as possible, as this will help an attorney in terms of establishing your case.

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