A personal injury attorney offers legal assistance in situations where, due to careless or negligent actions, physical or psychological injury is caused to an individual by another individual, organization, or other entity, such as a company or government agency. The irresponsible actions of an individual can cause loss of financial earnings due to a decrease in one’s capacity or complete inability to work, medical costs associated with physical pain and suffering, as well as mental and emotional distress, and legal costs associated with the case. A personal injury attorney provides legal representation to help injured victims in their pursuit of financial compensation, based on the personal monetary and/or psychological impacts associated with the injuries sustained.

Engaging the services of a personal injury attorney is vital in any situation where there is serious physical or psychological injury. An attorney has a breadth and depth of legal knowledge that aid in his ability to reach the most beneficial outcome for his client. He can secure relevant information and evidence related to the claim, such as statements from any witnesses, photographs and video recordings that support the claim, and statements from physicians and/or mental health professionals who treated his client relative to the events of the case. Further, as the attorney prepares the case, he can help his client to manage expectations regarding a reasonable compensation outcome.

While most traditional compensation offers for personal injury claims include the recouping of medical expenses, recompense for mental pain and suffering, and compensation for lost earnings and/or earning potential if the client is unable to return to work as a result of the damage(s) sustained, the amount of that compensation tends to vary. (Variances are based on factors such as the limits of insurance policies, the extent of the injuries themselves, and impact of those injuries on the client’s overall quality of life.) A well-educated, credentialled personal injury attorney can provide his client with valuable counsel regarding compensation offers and whether they are appropriate; he can advise his client as to whether it would be reasonable and judicious to accept a settlement offer or if a renewed push for greater indemnification is warranted. At this point in the litigation process, an experienced attorney advocates for his client, but gives advice to help the client decide whether to go with the option of abandoning the settlement process in favor of going to court. An attentive personal injury attorney can answer client questions from professional, yet personal perspective.

An honest personal injury attorney will explain that no one is legally required to have a lawyer manage a personal injury claim, and that one could file a claim without legal representation. An honest personal injury attorney will also explain, however, that the chances of winning the case and receiving appropriate, deserved compensation are much higher if a board-certified attorney handles the claim on behalf of the victim.

Though it is not necessary to engage the legal services of a personal injury attorney when one has a legitimate claim against a negligent party or organization, it is advisable. Contacting an attorney can provide advice towards effective and fast resolution of a personal injury claim, in the best interest of an injured party.