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At Reeves Law, our experienced team of attorneys are proud to represent those individuals who play a vital role in the construction industry of the state of Texas. This includes contractors, subcontractors, property owners, insurance carriers, and developers. Our attorneys have a vast amount of experience in both construction law and construction litigation, having advised professionals such as property owners, developers, lenders, design professionals, general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, and more.

Our attorneys represent construction clients throughout the entirety of the projects that they have undertaken, which includes ensuring that they are able to enter into contracts that are strong, get through all necessary regulations, and properly respond to any and all disputes during and/or after the project itself. Furthermore, Reeves Law is also experienced with handling claims that involve state agencies, as well as the ability to provide guidance to contractors in regards to the claims process itself.

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One of the most highly complex industries in the world is the construction industry due to the fact that each party involved is able to fulfill its own specific role within this industry. This is where an experienced attorney is needed in order to handle all matters related to construction law as efficiently as possible.

Some of the most common types of cases involving construction law that our firm handles includes the following:


*Project support/consulting

*Disputes with contractors

*Payment/performance bonds

*Issues involving insurance coverage


*Construction arbitration/mediation

*Additional work claim disputes/change orders

*Public bidding/procurement

*Mechanic’s liens

The experienced attorneys at Reeves Law have also previously represented contractors, owners, and builders who have been involved in claims regarding construction defects, such as the following:

*Problems involving plumbing or electricity

*Problems involving drainage or sewage

*Craftsmanship that is unacceptable

*Delays involving construction

*Water issues such as mold or leaks

*Failing to disclose additional defects

Such cases and claims have been handled by our attorneys involving the following environments:


*Single-family homes

*Large-sized apartment complexes

*High-rise condominiums

*Multi-phase commercial projects

When it comes to defects, Reeves Law and our experienced attorneys handle not only cases that involve new construction work, but also any and all claims that involve defects that already exist. We will work with property owners in order to take action against all responsible parties and obtain the necessary relief.

When you work alongside an experienced Reeves Law attorney, you can rest assured that you won’t have to deal with any kind of a middleman – you will be able to speak with your attorney directly and take pride in knowing that you will be receiving personalized attention.

At Reeves Law, our end goal is to work hard in order to ensure that you are able to get your life back, no matter how long it takes. We remain committed to using innovation, experience, and knowledge to facilitate success for each and every one of our clients.