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Our experienced team will work as diligently as possible to take control of all of your legal needs so that you will be able to put all of your energy into operating your business. Additionally, Reeves Law is proud to work with businesses of all sizes, taking the time to come up with multiple personalized solutions to issues that can potentially threaten the very success of your business, regardless of what stage your business itself may actually be at. This means that, for instance, if your business has already been formed, Reeves Law can offer such services as risk management and consulting in order to ensure that you are fully complying with all necessary regulations, as well as alert you of any possible areas of liability and exposure. On the other hand, if you have a business that may be fledgling, Reeves Law will be able to assist you with minimizing your overall risk of costly liability and disputes.

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Perhaps one of the biggest factors involving the operation of a business is legal disputes, and while some of these can be minor in nature, there are others that can potentially result in a business not being all that successful.

At Reeves Law, one of the more complex types of cases that our experienced team of attorneys handle involves business litigation, which includes disputes involving the following:

*Employment/labor disputes

*Breach of contract

*Trade secrets

*Non-competition claims



*Fiduciary duties

Reeves Law is also proud to have represented plaintiffs, defendants, and even third parties in a variety of business litigation cases that have often been complex in nature, such as the following:

*Disputes between current and former business associates

*Disputes involving acquisitions and mergers

*Disputes involving ownership of businesses and assets

*Shareholder litigation

*Matters involving insurance coverage

*Disputes involving financing and vendors

Our efforts are often combined with corporate counsel, as well as multiple other law firms, in order to ensure that a more competitive edge is obtained in proceedings that are seen as being more contested. Throughout this process, a strong record of success has been achieved, as well as both an appreciation and understanding of the various interests brought by clients to the world of business litigation.

When you work alongside an experienced Reeves Law attorney, you can rest assured that you won’t have to deal with any kind of a middleman – you will be able to speak with your attorney directly and take pride in knowing that you will be receiving personalized attention.

At Reeves Law, our end goal is to work hard in order to ensure that you are able to get your life back, no matter how long it takes. We remain committed to using innovation, experience, and knowledge to facilitate success for each and every one of our clients.