Business owners regularly lease space in commercial properties, signing lease agreements with the landlords who own the buildings. As commercial tenants, they are required to uphold the provisions outlined within the lease, as should their new landlord. But sometimes issues surface, and a dispute ensues that requires a tenant or landlord to take legal action, especially if a qualified commercial real estate attorney was not consulted before both parties agreed to the terms of the business lease. This raises the question: What should a tenant or landlord do if a dispute arises?

Contacting an experienced commercial real estate attorney is the main action to take in handling a dispute between a commercial tenant and landlord. A commercial real estate attorney, who can represent either party, will provide a consultation during which he will inquire as to the nature of the dispute; he will ask questions to determine the root issue. It might be a claim that the landlord has defaulted on terms of the lease agreement by charging the tenant fees that were not explicitly defined in the lease, or by failing to maintain the building premises so as to allow tenants to operate their businesses effectively. Or maybe it is a claim that the tenant has remitted late rent payments or missed them entirely; or the tenant has caused excessive property damage and will not cover the costs of repair or replacement. In any case, seeking legal representation is likely the best way for tenants or landlords to protect their rights and be compensated for any valid claims.

It is necessary for your attorney to review the lease (including addendums), to have a thorough understanding of the specific elements that it contains and whether there are any problematic loopholes; the elements addressed will include things such as the lease term and rate of rent, parking terms, tenant improvement allowances, termination clauses, and more. Your attorney will be able to use his extensive knowledge of Texas commercial property statutes to help you understand these details, and your rights in the case. A competent commercial real estate attorney will advise and guide you through the litigation process and help you to settle your case successfully.

If you are a commercial tenant who believes there has been a breach of contract on the part of your landlord, your skilled commercial real estate attorney will research your claim that the landlord is not fulfilling the lease obligations; he will build your case to mitigate the impact of the negligent landlord’s actions on your business operations and bottom line will be minimal.

If you are a commercial property landlord concerned that your tenant is violating the terms of the business lease, your knowledgeable commercial real estate attorney will investigate your claim to identify the ways in which the tenant is not honoring the terms of the lease agreement; he will build your case such that your issues are resolved and you are duly compensated for any breach of contract.

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