If you’ve been injured in an accident—physically or psychologically—as a result of negligence by another individual, company, agency, or organization, you may require the services of a personal injury attorney who can help you collect monetary damages for injuries sustained. A skilled attorney can help you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries, especially if they are serious or permanent. But when should you hire a personal injury attorney? What scenarios or circumstances would warrant the involvement of a personal injury attorney? Read on for five situations when hiring an attorney is advisable.


You might choose to hire an attorney if serious or permanent injuries were sustained. In a personal injury case like this, becoming disabled or otherwise seriously injured makes it necessary to reach out to an attorney—injuries like disfigurement or amputation, brain damage, loss of a fetus, etc. can cause significant suffering from ongoing mental anguish and physical pain, not to mention a pile-up of medical bills for continuous care. Engaging the services of an attorney could be the only way to avoid long-term financial trouble.


Another consideration is whether multiple parties were involved in the accident. Assigning fault in an accident involving multiple parties (e.g. vehicle accidents, accidents due to defective products, etc.) can be difficult; such a case usually requires dealing with multiple insurance carriers and can be so complicated that winning the case depends on the direct involvement of an experienced personal injury attorney.


If you are a victim of negligence in a medical situation, you also could benefit most from hiring a professional attorney to handle your case. In a medical negligence case, your claim must be made within a very specific period to pursue compensation for such things as being misdiagnosed, uniformed of risks associated with treatment (e.g. surgery), etc.; your lawyer will advise you as to when the doctor, hospital, or healthcare provider involved should be informed of the claim against them and how to go about doing so. Because a medical negligence claim is extremely complex, hiring an attorney is a must.


A workplace injury is another event for which you might file a claim. A workplace injury claim usually involves your employer and your insurance company which can complicate the case a great deal—employers often deny their liability so they don’t have to pay damages, while insurance companies often try to dodge responsibility by paying as little as possible. Further, if you require medical treatment and/or lifestyle changes due to a workplace injury, you will incur expenses. A competent personal injury attorney can help you secure the compensation you deserve as well as helping you recoup expenditures for your bills, so they don’t cause a financial burden for you.


Hiring a lawyer is also advisable if you are interested in achieving an out-of-court settlement for your personal injury claim. Your personal injury attorney understands the confusing technical jargon and aggressive negotiating tactics insurance companies tend to employ and will be able to reach a deal on your behalf for the greatest possible compensation. Hiring a professional in this kind of case is more likely to result in a win.

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