Commercial law is valuable and important to real estate professionals who need to manage business transactions related to trade and commerce. Commercial real estate law deals with regulations, statutes, and property law, which includes the purchase, development, financing, construction, and sale and leasing of commercial properties. It is a branch of business law that requires educational specialization—a commercial real estate attorney must earn a juris doctorate degree from a law school that is accredited by the American Bar Association, along with a license to legally practice law in the specific state where he or she intends to work. (This license is obtained upon passing the state bar exam.) The services of a commercial real estate attorney are directly advantageous to business professionals in a variety of ways.

Commercial real estate attorneys are essential to clients interested in the buying and selling of commercial buildings, leasing of retail space, construction and development projects, and the resolution of zoning and environmental issues related to real estate deals, among other commercial property transactions. They focus primarily on the preparation and review of real estate documents, the negotiation of terms and conditions within contracts, and the transference of titles. They advise clients as to how real estate laws and regulations could affect their businesses when engaged in real estate transactions. And when a breach of contract or any fraudulent actions occur, commercial real estate attorneys intercede on behalf of their clients, addressing those issues such that outcomes are in their clients’ best interests.

Commercial real estate attorneys partner with their clients in order to add value to every real estate transaction that occurs. They represent business owners, real estate developers, and property investors. The best commercial real estate attorneys are experts who are efficient and effective at dealing with the very complex laws and regulations that are associated with real estate transactions; they offer comprehensive services for helping clients move forward in all of their business endeavors.

The efforts of experienced commercial real estate attorneys are indispensable to businesses and individuals seeking to avoid legal pitfalls related to their real estate ventures; the attorneys are responsible for ensuring that all transactions are legitimate. The attorneys are assets who help protect the property rights of business owners; they can help enforce those rights during any disputes that arise, through negotiations or litigation. Commercial real estate attorneys save their clients time and money; they address the legalities of real estate transactions via objective due diligence, and help their clients establish themselves in the market. Commercial real estate attorneys are of prime importance for protecting the interests of their clients at every turn; their attention to detail, their ability to anticipate issues and to guide clients proactively, and their ability to prioritize what is most important for the completion of negotiations and transactions are fundamental to this end. Finding and hiring a competent commercial real estate attorney is a significant business decision that will benefit every business owner.