Construction law is the combination of all the areas of law that apply to construction work; it is a complex area of legal practice that deals with building construction, engineering, and other related fields. Construction lawyers are valuable to owners, developers, and builders (including contractors and subcontractors) who must follow extensive rules and complicated regulations to complete construction projects. They assist people in the construction industry with things like contracts, claims, and dispute resolution.

The practice of construction law deals with many different legal areas. Here are a few of the legal specialties a construction lawyer must understand to address issues of construction industry clients.

Contract law

Professionals in the construction industry enter into contracts with complicated language. Construction lawyers help their clients draft these contracts, tailoring them to their client’s needs. They make sure the contracts their clients enter into line up with their business plans and overall best interests.

Employment law and worker’s compensation

Employment law is another area important to construction law. It deals with the legal aspects of hiring, firing, and managing workers. Construction lawyers help their clients to understand and follow all applicable state and federal laws when it comes to fair pay of employees, withholding taxes, and more. As for worker’s compensation, because most construction companies must provide worker’s compensation insurance for employees to cover them should any accidents or injuries occur during projects, construction lawyers guide them regarding the purchase of the right insurance, notification of employees regarding their right to make claims, and company compliance with obligations when any such claims are made.

Property law

Property law is a significant area of construction law as well. It governs what property people own, including real property (i.e., land and that which is attached to land, such as homes or commercial buildings). As a part of construction law, property law involves helping companies purchase and manage properties and resolve any related issues that might arise. Construction lawyers help address questions and concerns about liens, zoning, etc. 

Dispute resolution

Sometimes construction lawyers must help their clients with dispute resolution. Problems and disputes can arise in the industry, making dispute resolution necessary. Construction lawyers must be skilled at managing dispute resolution procedures whether formal court procedures or filings occur. If litigation is involved, they often represent their clients in formal mediation but can end up taking the case through trial when it is in the client’s best interest.

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