When it comes to even a single construction dispute, this is something that can unfortunately turn a great job into a major loss, while multiple disputes can end up causing a contractor to go out of business.

Here are four of the best ways to ensure that you are able to avoid construction disputes.

*First and foremost, one of the best ways to avoid this kind of dispute is to ensure that project managers are properly trained. When a construction company ends up learning about a dispute, it can become too late to prevent any consequences that arise from it. Project managers are individuals who are generally in the best position to locate difficulties when they arise, meaning that it’s important to properly train them to not only identify issues, but also quickly act to resolve them. By taking the time necessary to do this, you will be reducing the chances that you will experience any sort of serious issues prior to the issues themselves becoming far too conflicting to deal with.

*Another factor to consider is to closely monitor all jobs that are being performed. Regardless of how well a contract may have been drafted, there is still the chance that disputes can arise if all mandated procedures aren’t followed according to the contract, such as, for instance, making sure that the actual change order approval process is fully understood and followed. Ensure that you are complying with any and all approval and notice requirements, as well as document further costs in a thorough manner.

*One other important factor to consider is to carefully draft all contracts, as there are many types of language in contracts that can result in even the most common legal issues for contractors. Always pay extra attention to provisions that will end up affecting your right to compensation or time extensions if any changes or delays arise thanks in large part to the business owner, such as zero damages for delay clauses, site condition provisions that differ, major completion requirements, provisions involving change orders, and more. Legally speaking, the overall presence of ambiguous language contained within a contract is considered to be perhaps the biggest cause of all kinds of serious legal issues involving contractors.

*Another factor to take into consideration when it comes to avoiding construction disputes is to always ensure that you have an accurate schedule to work with. This is because it can oftentimes be much too difficult to properly assess what kind of an impact change orders and/or delay claims can create due to not having any kind of an accurate baseline that has been accepted by all affected parties once a project officially begins. By utilizing a more solid and accurate schedule, you will also be taking advantage of a special kind of tool that will help to properly identify any and all delays ahead of time, thereby permitting you to take all of the necessary steps to either prevent or decrease them before any serious disputes can have the chance to present themselves.