There are many situations in which the services of a construction attorney would be valuable. Construction attorneys represent a variety of clients, including architects, contractors, owners, and investors. They have the expert knowledge that can help clients with everything from contracts and permits to environmental regulations to labor disputes to workplace injuries, and more.

Construction projects include residential and non-residential building projects, infrastructure projects (e.g. roads and bridges), and industrial projects. A variety of disputes can arise at different stages of any construction project; the disputes might be related to contracts and the details of how the project is scheduled and financed or the accuracy of documentation regarding procedures and protocols for completing the project; or disputes might arise related to an alleged existence of construction defects. Whatever the concern or dispute, a licensed construction attorney can help address the issues and advise as to the best course of action.

An experienced construction attorney will thoroughly clarify regulations related to permits and licenses, and make sure that all parties comply with zoning and land use laws, environmental laws, and safety laws. An attorney will offer advice and guidance about these details so your construction project can proceed legally and as smoothly as possible.

A construction attorney will also be able to help with the drafting and review of contracts related to your construction project. If you have a contract already, he will review it to assess it for potential issues such as liabilities, which is key because a contract is legally binding, so it needs to be legally sound. An attorney will also address the state of the work site where the construction project will commence, scheduling, and insurance issues. He will make certain your interests are protected in the contracts. A construction attorney can also assist with the termination of a contract, should that be required.

Aside from advising on regulations and laws and writing contracts, a skilled construction attorney will also assist with the compensation process. He will make sure that payment is received for services rendered, as well as for any materials, labor, and other expenses for the project. A reputable construction attorney will also be able to use legal means to recover any monies due that are not paid for any reason. (Payment disputes are another of the most common aspects of a construction project that a construction attorney addresses.)

A dependable construction attorney also will be ready to assist should allegations of construction defects arise. He will work to hold accountable the party or parties responsible for the defect(s), whether it is a deficiency of design, materials, construction, or any other defect. If a claim is made that there is some breach of contract because the project is flawed, an attorney will be able to address that.

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