When it comes to operating a business, regardless of the actual type of business, there are all sorts of different situations that can come up that can result in the business owner either suing someone else or the business owner getting sued.

No matter the specific reason for a business’s overall involvement with business litigation, it’s extremely important that all business owners are able to fully understand which specific court system is the most suitable one to best handle and resolve the case, as well as that they are aware of the statute of limitations. Furthermore, they should also be completely aware of all claims that are being made against them and that they are able to prepare the best and most effective case possible in order to ensure a favorable outcome.

Here are some of the most common types of business litigation that law firms typically handle.

*Perhaps one of the most common types of business litigation handled by law firms is that of employment disputes. In the event that employees end up violating some type of agreement, such as a non-disclosure agreement, a business owner will be able to legally file a claim against them as a result. Alternatively, a business can also be sued for factors that include discrimination, wrongful termination, and harassment. Keep in mind that a business can also be sued for unintentional discrimination in the event that there are job conditions that are a negative impact on minorities. For instance, if a business implements a pre-employment test that ends up disqualifying more minorities without a valid job-related reason for the test itself, this can lead to grounds for a lawsuit. Additionally, permitting employees to create a hostile working environment can also lead to a business being sued as well.

*Another common type of business litigation involves intellectual property disputes. In the event that someone’s intellectual property is being used without their permission, it’s important to take action as soon as possible, especially if a business is the victim of this. For instance, they will be able to make a legal claim in order to prevent trade secrets from being disclosed, as well as prevent an individual from infringing on copyrights, patents, and trademarks. A business will also be able to seek damages whenever violations have been committed regarding intellectual property rights.

*Personal injury claims and/or product liability cases is another type of business litigation typically handled by law firms. In the event that a business creates a product that ends up harming an individual, this can lead to the business itself being dues. Furthermore, if an individual visits a business and they end up getting injured while there, this can also lead to a lawsuit being filed against the business as well.

*Another type of business litigation commonly handled by law firms is that of breach of contract cases. Whenever two parties enter into a legally binding agreement, they are required to fulfill the terms of that agreement. In the event that a breach of that agreement occurs, the party who has been negatively affected will be able to seek compensation for any and all losses that were caused by the breach itself.