Business law and commercial law are two closely related areas of legal practice within the field of civil litigation. Business law is focused on aspects of business such as establishing a business, mergers and acquisitions, the rights of shareholders in a business, and more; it is regulated by state and federal law. Commercial law is focused on the sales and distribution of purchased goods and services and areas of finance; it is regulated mainly by the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) which is a framework of laws that can be modified by each individual state. These areas overlap significantly enough that an effective business and commercial law attorney has expertise in both areas of litigation.

Business and commercial law attorneys are important because they have a depth of knowledge about this extremely complex field of law that is exceedingly difficult to interpret in many cases. They address a multitude of legal issues including a variety of dispute types (e.g. contract, employment, partnership, franchise, intellectual property and trade secrets, tax), business fraud and misrepresentation, patent infringement, antitrust litigation involving illegal business practices, and more. They also assist in contract negotiations and with other business matters in an attempt to ensure protection under the law and preparedness should any legal situation occur in the future. Qualified business and commercial litigation attorneys develop strategies for their clients that will help clients have the most positive and successful outcomes possible. They advocate for their clients in an effort to resolve the issues at hand, so their clients can focus on running their businesses rather than legal woes.

Skilled business and commercial litigation attorneys handle legal matters and disputes for all kinds of businesses, regardless of size. They manage client cases to help avoid the need for legal action via court trial or to help settle disputes if any involved business party chooses to sue another—they can provide advice regarding risk management and consult on best practices in accordance with the law so a business is prepared before legal issues could arise; and they can prosecute or defend clients should any business conflicts develop over the course of business operations. Either way, business and commercial litigation attorneys’ end goal is to mitigate negative impacts on their clients’ businesses and to minimize any financial losses that could result from litigation. They meet with each client to review the circumstances and details of each case, and to determine the best course of action to take; it takes multiple meetings to gain a full understanding of the client needs.

When a business faces the threat of a lawsuit, it is critical to contact a knowledgeable and experienced business and commercial litigation attorney as soon as possible for counsel and guidance. For competent legal representation from experts in business and commercial law in the Austin, Texas area, contact the trusted team of lawyers at Reeves Law. The Reeves Law team provides cost-effective and efficient legal solutions for any business facing litigation.