Small Business Attorney Austin, TX – Legal Tips for Business Owners

When it comes to both opening and operating a small business, the owner of such a business should be able to recognize when any activity related to the business itself will need the services of an attorney. It’s important to keep in mind that there are several important legal tips that all small business owners should keep in mind in order to ensure that their business will be as successful as possible. After all, small business owners are never provided with any kind of a manual to study from in order to learn all of the most fundamental principles of law that involve employment, employee benefits, taxation, contracts, as well as other various forms of legal issues that can commonly arise when it comes to business.

Here are three of the most important legal tips for all small business owners to consider making note of.

*First and foremost, perhaps one of the most important legal tips for small business owners is that a verbal contract is one that can be as enforceable and binding as a written contract. Contracts are considered to be the virtual backbone of the business world; however, when it comes to verbal agreements, the main issue involves being able to prove what all parties agreed to in the event that it becomes necessary to go to court in order to properly enforce them. In terms of written contracts, these can help to avoid disputes over the actual terms of the agreement itself. It’s also important to note that contract laws vary depending on the state, so you will need to take the opportunity to speak with an experienced business law attorney for more information regarding formalizing business agreements.

*Another important legal tip for small business owners is to take all of the proper steps to protect intellectual property. Perhaps one of the most common examples of how important it is to take the steps to ensure that all of your intellectual property rights are protected involves turning both the logo and name of your business into a brand as a way to attract and keep customers. Taking the time to consult with an attorney can help to further identify intellectual property concerns, as well as address them before any issues were to arise.

*One other important legal tip for small business owners is to protect all personal data that is collected from all employees and customers. Your business will always have a legal obligation to protect any and all personal information that is collected from visitors to the website, employees, and customers. In fact, federal and state laws impose an obligation to safeguard all data collected by a business against any and all cyberattacks. Furthermore, the laws also require that privacy notices be posted with sanctions also imposed on any businesses that fail to comply. Prior to engaging in any activity that involves collecting any personal data about an individual, it’s important that you take the time to contact an attorney in order to ensure that none of your activities violate the law.

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